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Through the implementation of a text-based curriculum across KS1 and KS2, every child at Ball Green Primary School has access to a ‘mastered,’ multi-disciplinary curriculum that not only fulfils the statutory requirements of the national curriculum but also deepens knowledge, skills and Tier 3 vocabulary through a progressive approach.

The text-based curriculum is embedded across all year groups and ensures the development of subject specific knowledge, the applied skills associated with this and progressive core vocabulary that will become cumulative (year-on-year), with children securing ‘Age Related Expectations.’

Every subject, both core and foundation, has its own set of ‘required’ knowledge which is defined by end of year expectations.  However, in order to deepen this knowledge a set of essential skills have been formulated to ensure that all learning is purposeful and more importantly, progressive. Subject specific vocabulary will support teachers in their planning, delivery and assessment of the national curriculum.

Opportunities for cross-curricular links are fully exploited in order to create a broader context of understanding and an environment where skills and knowledge can be ‘applied’ and/or ‘mastered,’ in particular those of ‘Speaking & Listening,’ ‘Reading,’ ‘Writing,’ ‘Mathematics’ and ‘Computing.’ Outdoor learning opportunities and educational visits/visitors are embraced to excite and engage all learners. The use of new and emerging technologies are integrated across the curriculum so that children are fully prepared for their diverse and as of yet unknown futures from 2026 and beyond.

Where National Curriculum subjects cannot be blended into the ‘text-based’ curriculum they are delivered using various schemes of work (for example, Jigsaw PSHE, Stoke on Trent Local Authority RE Syllabus, etc.) as a basis to ensure coverage and progression throughout the school while avoiding tenuous links.




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