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Applications for Rising 3’s at Ball Green Primary

Do you, or someone you know, have a child born between 1st Sept 2019 31st March 2020?

If so, we are now inviting applications for places in our Nursery Rising 3’s for April 2023.

Please note that our Nursery Class is almost full, so the number of places available is very limited.

Application forms can be collected from the school office.

If you have already made enquiries or expressed an interest in a Rising 3 place for your child, you must still complete an application form.

All applications should be submitted to the school office no later than Wednesday 22nd March, with places being allocated during the following week.

Places will be allocated to children in date of birth order.

Please note that Rising 3’s places are available only if there are spaces in the current Nursery Class. Priority is always given to those children who are already aged 3 on the 31st August before the start of the new academic year (this year the child must be aged 3 on 31/08/2022).

If places are available, children would be eligible for a place at the start of the term after their 3rd birthday, ie:

born between 1st Sept 31st Dec start after Christmas

born between 1st Jan 31st Mar start after Easter

born between 1st April 31st Aug start after the Summer holiday (normal Nursery intake)