The governing board has the following strategic functions –

Establishing the strategic direction, by:

  • Setting and ensuring clarity of vision, values, and objectives for the school;
  • Agreeing the school improvement plan with priorities and targets;
  • Meeting statutory duties.

Ensuring accountability, by:

  • Appointing the headteacher;
  • Monitoring the educational performance of the school and progress towards agreed targets;
  • Performance managing the headteacher;
  • Engaging with stakeholders;
  • Contributing to school self-evaluation.

Overseeing financial performance, by:

  • Setting the budget;
  • Monitoring spending against the budget;
  • Ensuring money is well spent and value for money is obtained;
  • Ensuring risks to the organisation are managed.


Ball Green Primary School will provide inclusive access to an education that promotes the development of every child’s differing personalities, talents and abilities to the full.


  • Inclusivity;
  • Opportunity driven;
  • Consistency.


  • EVERY child will achieve their social, emotional and academic potential to the full and governors will provide both challenge and support to the school to hold its leaders to account in relation to this aim.
  • EVERY child will transition through and beyond Ball Green Primary School with the requisite skills and knowledge to become successful, independent and motivated learners, with governors evaluating their readiness for the next stage of their education.
  • EVERY child will be fully prepared to become well-rounded citizens through spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and an understanding of their values which they are competent in expressing to the governing board.
  • EVERY child will have access to high quality teaching and learning because the governors will ensure that the school recruits and retains employees of the highest calibre, with the passion to provide a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs and interests of all children.
  • EVERY child will flourish in an educational environment that is truly fit for the 21st Century because the governors will ensure that the school customises it’s financial responsibilities to evolve with the changing world around us.

Instrument of Governance:

    1. The name of the school is Ball Green Primary School, Whitfield Road, Ball Green, Stoke on Trent, ST6 8AJ.
    2. The school is a Local Authority, Maintained, Mixed, Community school with provision for children aged 3 to 11 years old.
    3. The name of the governing body is “The Governing Board of Ball Green Primary School.”
    4. The governing body shall consist of:
      A. Two parent governors;
      B. One Local Authority governor;
      C. One staff governor;
      D. One headteacher;
      E. Seven co-opted governors.
      F. Total number of governors is twelve.
    5. The term of office for all types of governors is four years.
    6. This instrument of governance comes into effect on Thursday 21st March 2019 and is an amendment to the previous instrument of governance.
    7. This instrument was made by order of Stoke on Trent Local Authority on Thursday 21st March 2019.
    8. A copy of the instrument has been supplied to every member of the governing body.

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