Behaviour & Expectations

At Ball Green Primary School, we aim to create a happy, safe, caring, stimulating and inclusive environment for all. Promoting good behaviour amongst pupils is a shared responsibility. All members of the school community: staff, governors, parents, the wider community and the children have a vital role to play and should aim to build positive relationships with each other. We expect everyone to respect others, their families, culture and beliefs as part of the exceptionally high standards of behaviour that we have at Ball Green Primary School.


Implementing the principles of Restorative Practice helps us to focus on building better relationships with each other, taking time to ensure that every member of the school community feels listen to valued and respected. We support pupils in developing the skills to maintain positive relationships and to resolve disagreements and problems themselves. It is our role to educate our children to understand how their behaviour effects and impacts on others. Children are respectfully supported to identify ways they can put right the harm which they may have caused. This approach ensures we are not teaching pupils that, by harming others, they will be punished and should therefore avoid being discovered. Instead, we are helping them to become empathetic, considerate members of society who have the skills to avoid and resolve problems independently.


“The school is a calm and orderly place in which to learn. Positive attitudes to learning start in Nursery and continue through the school.”

 Ofsted 2022

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